ICAI CA Final Exam Preparation Tips

Exam Preparation Tips for ICAI and CA Final Students

Exam tips while writing our exam paper

The biggest blunder we commit in an ICAI exam or other is we don’t relax just before ICAI or another exam. we try to mug up everything at last moment. What we forget is that no race can be won by a fatigued mind.

What we need to do are you need to close our eyes for two minutes just forget everything about life, about the, ca final exam or another exam, everything else…just relax!

This will soothe our mind, we will perform well in the final or another exam. Remember, no race can be won by a fatigued mind. While writing an ca final exam paper or another exam we are very slow at the beginning…as the time passes we start gaining our momentum and till the end, at the ultimate moments, we get a speed of bullet train. That’s what we do in our ICAI exam paper or other exams. Believe me, that’s a total blunder.


Best way to write an exam paper…

Remember the best way to write an ICAI exam paper is to first analyze what has been asked in that paper. It will need around five to six minutes to gain that understanding. Your approach shall be now the whole paper is in your grip in just five to six minutes. Now, start writing this paper at a full pace. Do not wait till ultimate moments to increase your speed. Start writing at full pace from the initial moment itself.

How to attempt the question paper?

Let’s talk something about theoretical and numerical questions. Always prefer to do theoretical at the beginning. In theory, we have only two choices

  1. Either you know the answer or
  2. You don’t know the answer to the mind is clear

but if we talk about numerical nobody knows when we are going to stuck. The reason of stocking can be an error in calculation, comprehension problem in a line of question, lack of confidence in applying a concept, etc. Being an ex-examiner, I can assure you that, in general, every exam step marking is done in both theories as well as numerical and it does not hamper your impression if you attempt theory first.

One more thing, in several CA final exam papers theory and numerical are in the blend. What I mean to say, generally, one-third of paper belongs to theory questions so obviously, you can not ignore it. Now, let’s allocate our time for writing our paper.

Let’s understand about our time and it’s worth I mean to say you have let us say 100 marks ICAI exam paper or other and you have three hours in hand means 180 minutes so by that means I can say one point eight minutes per mark. So, let’s say we have a question often marks so by that calculation you have 18 minutes in hand.

Do not take eighteen minutes rather take sixteen minutes what you need to do is you need to try to complete a question within these 16 minutes and treat these two minutes as buffer time as grace time. If you are unable to do your question in these 16 minutes, we shall utilize this time which we have capped aside 2-minute time buffer time or grace time and you shall utilize this time.

But, do not go beyond 18 minutes. Leave that question then and there itself, right P.T.O. at the bottom of the page and leave two or three pages so that in the case at the end of paper you have some spare time you can definitely invest that time on this question.

Avoid these after exam!!!

  1. Don’t be afraid that you have not completed a question,
  2. Do not feel uncomfortable,
  3. Don’t lose your confidence

Because you have unable to complete your question, do not worry at all because I have already told you step marking is done. I know we don’t feel happy unless we write the whole solution but remember there is a difference between the cinema hall and exam hall so focus on scoring, not on happiness.

After ICAI exam or other Exam, avoid discussing the paper with any of a friend or at online forums unless other exams are finished otherwise your performance for next exam may hamper. Always keep a smile on your face even if your ICAI exam or other exam was below expectation.


A smile is a killer of stress, some say that we are so much stressed that we can’t smile that’s what I am saying. Something which has gone is passed in nature it’s sunk in nature you cannot change it let’s smile so that we can build our future. What I mean to say is we can stop spoiling our next paper that’s why we are smiling we will always keep smiling because a smile is the best thing in this world. That’s all for today.

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