GST Courses (PD)


CA-Intermediate GST Pendrive Classes

The way of students is tough. Word “Taxation” is more frightful to a student than to a taxpayer. A reference by any person to any “Case law” or “Section” is enough to create some diffidence in the student. The complex nature of Tax Laws makes the task even tougher for students who not only have to understand it but also have to apply it in a given situation.

Even though the most widely interpreted subject of “Taxation” is compendious and complex in nature, learning the same is not difficult and half of the battle with the subject is won if the student approaches the study with a positive frame of mind.

It is with this approach that we conduct our classes.



GST Courses

  1. HD video classes
  2. About 50 hours of extensive coaching
  3. Most comprehensive class notes & books
  4. Discussion of past examinations questions
  5. Any amendments or updates or any discussion are uploaded regularly on youtube
  6. Solving doubts and query through Gyan Gurucull student panel & numerous mode of communications
  7. Direct calls
  8. Whatsapp (call & message),
  9. Message through any social platform.
  10. Separate helpline number for technical support.
  11. Financial year 2018-2019 applicable for MAY 2019 & NOV 2019
  12. Classes cover all amentment till OCT 31 2018

GST Courses

This GST Classes,  We have Covered 12 Chapter in GST Classes.

Chapter 1 Basic Introduction to Goods And Services Tax (GST) 1
Chapter 2 Chargeability under CGST and IGST 26
Chapter 3 Supply under GST 39
Chapter 4 Exemptions under GST 64
Chapter 5 Value of Supply under GST 134
Chapter 6 Composition Scheme 143
Chapter 7 Time of Supply Under GST 155
Chapter 8 Input Tax Credit under GST (Sections 16, 17, 18) 166
Chapter 9 Payment of GST (Sections 49, 50 and Rules 85, 86, 87, 88) 179
Chapter 10 Registration under GST (Section 22 to 30) 192
Chapter 11 Invoice under GST (Section 31 to 34 of CGST Act, 2017 & Section 20 of IGST Act, 2017 Tax Invoice, Credit and Debit Notes of CGST Rules, 2017) 206
Chapter 12 Filing of Return under GST (Section 37 to 48 of CGST Act 2017-Rules 59 to 84 of CGST Rules 2017) 215

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