Normal Batch in Pen Drive-Old Course(AMA)


>Parag Gupta Sir is providing 30% discount in his courses, for RANK HOLDERS and students who scored 90+ Marks in CA Inter/IPCC Costing FM. To avail, such discount students need to email us at before placing any order.

>Fee is Rs. 13500 (includes book cost) + Rs. 800 (Pen-Drive Cost) = Rs. 14300/-. If the student is either providing his/her hard disk/pen drive for classes or wants to get online classes at google drive (Total size around 64 GB), then (s)he can use Promo Code “GD64GB” before making payment to gain a discount of Rs. 800 pertaining to pen-drive cost, so that fee shall become Rs. 13500.

>Google drive class link & software installation guide is available at

> For Financially weak students, we are providing our course with Payment in Installments, in which students need to pay 60% of fees initially (where we will be providing 50% of views) and then rest views will be available after 40% of payment. For more details, contact us at

>Books (Hard Copy) are provided with classes and students can’t take a discount, if they don’t want to opt for books. Promo Code can be used for pen drive only. Our Pen drives are generally of Sandisk, Toshiba, and Strontium and are reusable in nature, after copying classes on PC.

>While Class is Paused time of class is counted.


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Features of CA Final Old Course Costing Normal Batch (Video Lectures):

Parag Gupta Sir is providing 40% discount in his courses, for RANK HOLDERS and students who scored 90+ Marks in CA Inter/IPCC Costing FM. To avail, such discount students need to email us at before placing any order.

1. These classes consist of video lectures of approx. 68 Classes i.e. 216.5 hours (Recording of May-Sept. 2017 Batch). After this batch, there are no major changes in publications of ICAI such as Study Material and Practice Manual.

2. Each Class of these video lectures is approximate of 3 Hours 15 mins.

3. Complete details such as time duration of each class, topics dealt with in each class, etc. are provided along with video classes.

4. The Softcopy of Handwritten class slides of Parag Gupta sir is also provided.

5. Revision, Study and Examination tips videos are provided with the video lectures.

6. Video solutions for CA Final Costing for recent past year examinations are provided.

7. Video Lectures will be in the encrypted format and we will provide our own decryption and video player to play the classes. Since our player performs few technical checks before playing the class, so the student needs a just 1-minute internet connection (min. speed 256Kbps) at the start of each class. Once class starts playing student may disconnect the internet but we recommend you not to disconnect the same till you watch a complete class.

8. Our player to play video classes is similar to Windows media player & VLC where you have a pause play button and scrub/time-tool bar to move video back and forth, with the change in playback speed feature.

9. Students will get 20% hours time extra to do revision and to ward off technical glitches. In other words, total classes are 68 and consist of 216.5 hours then total viewable hours will be 260. The validity of these video classes is for 10 months from the month of purchase. Students shall take at most care to not waste any viewable hours. In case, any viewable hours gets wasted due to unavoidable technical reason then the student is supposed to send an email to to increase his viewable hours.

10. Video Classes can right now be played only on Computers having Windows 7 or above. (IOS Not Support)

11. Fee for students residing outside India (e.g. UAE, Nepal, etc.) will be Rs. 13500/-. To such students, we will provide classes as well as books only on cloud i.e. on Google drive. If such students wish to get pen drive and/or books delivered to their doorstep then they need to bear the applicable shipping cost. They shall use the promo code “60GB” to convert their fees from Rs.14950 to Rs. 13500.

12. We courier books, pen drive, etc. using the surface facility of DTDC, FedEx, etc. that are reputed companies, hence logistical speed and delivery are not our responsibilities.

13. We typically dispatch the order same day if it is received before noon. On exceptional circumstances such as out of stock of books, etc. dispatch can be delayed for 2-3 days.

14. While Class is Paused time of class is counted.

Ways to enroll and make payment:

Kindly make payment through either of the following methods:

1. Through Online Payment Gateway at our website: Pay through all Indian Debit Cards, Credit Cards, UPI, and Netbanking (except American Express)
2. Direct Bank Payment: Transfer money in the below-mentioned bank account/ at our UPI address and email us proof of such payment along with Name, Email id, Address, and Mobile no. at
3. We dispatch our courier usually on the same day. Shipping via surface mode is free. For express delivery of courier, students need to pay Rs. 400 extra to below-mentioned account details and intimate us by emailing us at

Bank Account Details-

Name of Account Holder: Parag Gupta & Associates

Account number:1611877289

Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank

Account Type: Current Account

Branch Name: Yojna Vihar

Branch Address: A-23, Yojna Vihar, Delhi, 110092

IFSC / RTGS Code: KKBK0000211

UPI address- paraggupta@kotak

Links to other batches:

Most Noteworthy:

  1. Under no situation, students are not allowed to take transfer in any other batch or any other mode such as Virtual class center, Mobile application, etc.

  2. Classes will be a blend/mixture of English and Hindi rather than a single language. This makes the classes comfortable for both Hindi and/or English speaking students.

Lecture No.Class DurationTopics Covered
13 Hrs 07 minDecision Making -I (Basic Concepts on Relevant Costing, Sunk Cost, Opportunity Cost)
23 Hrs 17 minsDecision Making -I (Basic Concepts on Type of costs and Relevant Cost in case of Direct Material)
33 Hrs 24 minsDecision Making -I (Relevant Cost in case of Direct Material and Direct Labour)
43 Hrs 13 minsDecision Making -I (Relevant Cost in case of Overhead, Absorption Costing v/s Marginal Costing, Imputed Cost, Differential Cost)
53 Hrs 10 minsDecision Making -I (Applicability of Relevant Costing concepts under different situations including non-current assets)
63 Hrs 14 minsDecision Making -I (Applicability of Relevant Costing concepts under different situations and Differential Costing)
73 Hrs 15 minsDecision Making -I (Differential Costing and Export Pricing)
83 Hrs 14 minsCVP Analysis (Basic Concept of P/V Ratio, BEP, MOS, etc.)
93 Hrs 14 minsCVP Analysis (Output at Desired Profit, Merged Plant, BEP in Step Cost)
103 Hrs 12 minsCVP Analysis (BEP in Step Cost)
113 Hrs 09 minsCVP Analysis (BEP in Step Cost and in change in selling price or variable cost)
123 Hrs 17 minsCVP (Multi-product BEP) & Budgeting - I (Basic Concepts of Key Factor)
133 Hrs 13 minsCVP (Multi-product BEP) & Budgeting - I (Product Mix)
143 Hrs 19 minsBudgeting - I (Product Mix)
153 Hrs 12 minsBudgeting - I (Product Mix)
163 Hrs 18 minsLinear Programming (Graphical Method)
173 Hrs 13 minsBudgeting - I (Alternative to Linear Programming)
182 Hrs 50 minsBudgeting - I (Alternative to Linear Programming) + Linear Programming (Graphical Method)
192 Hrs 46 minsLinear Programming (Formulation Practice)
203 Hrs 14 minsLinear Programming (Formulation Practice + Basics of Simplex)
213 Hrs 08 minsLinear Programming (Simplex Method)
223 Hrs 20 minsLinear Programming (Simplex Method)
233 Hrs 04 minsLinear Programming (Simplex Method)
243 Hrs 17 minsLinear Programming (Simplex Method + Special cases such as Degeneracy + Primal Dual) + Basics of Decision Making-II (Make or Buy/Subcontracting)
253 Hrs 14 minsDecision Making-II (Make or Buy/Subcontracting)
263 Hrs 15 minsDecision Making-II (Make or Buy/Subcontracting with different cases of Key factors)
273 Hrs 09 minsDecision Making-II (Make or Buy/Subcontracting)
283 Hrs 17 minsDecision Making-II (Indifference Point + Shut Down Point + Divestment)
293 Hrs 05 minsDecision Making-II finish (Joint Product By Product + Misc.)
303 Hrs 10 minsTransfer Pricing-I (Responsibility Accounting + Basics)
312 Hrs 23 minsTransfer Pricing-I (Relevant Costing + Key Factor Analysis)
323 Hrs 09 minsTransfer Pricing-I (Relevant Costing + Profitability Analysis)
333 Hrs 06 minsTransfer Pricing-I (Profitability Analysis + Misc. Cases) + Transfer Pricing-II (Strategy Based)
343 Hrs 16 minsTransfer Pricing-II (Strategy Based) + Transfer Pricing-I (Differential Calculus + Multinational Transfer Price)
352 Hrs 18 minsTransfer Pricing-II (Strategy Based) + Theory of TQM and Kaizen
363 Hrs 14 minsTransfer Pricing-II (Strategy Based) + Practical of TQM and Kaizen
373 Hrs 11 minsMiscellaneous Theory Topics (Practical on TQM + Theory on JIT, MRP, ERP, CAM, BPR, Pricing Decisions, Pareto Analysis, etc.)
383 Hrs 15 minsMiscellaneous Theory Topics (Practical on Pricing Decision & Pareto Analysis + Theory on JIT, Benchmarking, Uniform Costing & Inter-firm Comparision) + Network Analysis - PERT & CPM (Basics of Drawing Network)
393 Hrs 12 minsNetwork Analysis - PERT & CPM (Basics of Drawing Network + Value of E & L)
403 Hrs 14 minsNetwork Analysis (Critical Path & NAT)
413 Hrs 15 minsNetwork Analysis (NAT + PERT)
423 Hrs 12 minsNetwork Analysis (PERT + Project Crashing)
433 Hrs 19 minsNetwork Analysis (Project Crashing)
443 Hrs 18 minsSimulation
453 Hrs 17 minsSimulation + Transportation Begin (LPP Formulation + IBFS)
463 Hrs 13 minsTransportation (Optimality Test [Stepping Stone & MODI Method] + Preconditions)
473 Hrs 01 minsTransportation (Optimality Test Practice + Degeneracy)
483 Hrs 19 minsTransportation (Loop formation + Optimality Test Practice + Preconditions)
493 Hrs 11 minsTransportation (Misc. Cases) + Assignment
503 Hrs 16 minsAssignment (including Preconditions)
513 Hrs 11 minsAssignment (Latest Pattern Questions + Travelling Salesman)
523 Hrs 09 minsBudgeting-II (TOC + Flexible Budget)
533 Hrs 13 minsBudgeting-II (Flexible Budget + Cash Budget + Inventory Management + Functional Budget)
543 Hrs 16 minsBudgeting-II finish + Standard Costing Begin
553 Hrs 15 minsStandard Costing (Sales Variances {including market size & share variances})
563 Hrs 13 minsStandard Costing (Material Variances)
573 Hrs 12 minsStandard Costing (Material & Labour Variances + Planning & Operating Variances)
583 Hrs 16 minsStandard Costing (Overhead Variances)
593 Hrs 09 minsStandard Costing (Fixed Overhead Variances + Concepts relating to capacity + Budget Ratios)
603 Hrs 12 minsStandard Costing (Operating/Reconciliation Statement)
613 Hrs 13 minsStandard Costing (Operating/Reconcialiation Statement + Equivalent production)
623 Hrs 20 minsStandard Costing (Accounting procedure and Investigation of Variances) + Mis. Theory Chapter (Backflush Accounting)
633 Hrs 20 minsStrategic Analysis of Profit + Balance Scorecard + Learning Curve (Begin)
643 Hrs 13 minsLearning Curve + Service Sector
653 Hrs 11 minsService Sector + Basics of Activity Based Costing and Target Costing
663 Hrs 11 minsActivity Based Costing
673 Hrs 09 minsActivity Based Cost Management with Standard Costing & with CVP + Target Costing
683 Hrs 14 minsTarget Costing, VCA & LCC + Direct Product Profitability and Customer Profitability
Total216 Hrs 26 mins


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